The SBC Leaders Podcast is a series of exclusive interviews with top level representatives from the SBC Leaders members. The interviews will provide a unique perspective on their personal journey and experience in the industry.

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Betting industry is a ‘golden goose’ for sports

As sports betting sponsorships come under increasing public and political scrutiny, Rory Anderson, former CEO and current Consultant at 12BET, outlined his belief that the gaming industry ‘golden goose’ must not be completely removed from sports, but that some limitation is also needed.

Speaking to SBC’s Global Relationship Director Kelly Kehn in the latest edition of the SBC Leader’s Podcast, Anderson discussed his career in the betting and gaming industry, outlining the development of strong sponsorship relationships.

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12Bet's Rory Anderson


Betsson’s Jesper Svensson: “we are at the forefront of digitalisation”

Betsson CEO Jesper Svensson talks to SBC's Kelly Kehn on the firm's move into Latin America and the change in work culture that COVID has brought to the company.

SBC Leaders
Betsson CEO Jesper Svensson
Matt King – FanDuel innovations will bring wagering into the 21st Century

FanDuel CEO Matt King is the first guest to take the mic on the ‘SBC Leaders Podcast’, broadcast on GamblingTV - a podcast series that gets to know the people driving global gaming’s biggest developments.

Speaking to Kelly Kehn, SBC’s Global Relationships Director, King provides his leadership take on FanDuel’s ambitions to become US wagering’s dominant mass-market player – developing a comprehensive strategy to overcome multi-state operating complexities within a rapidly changing nascent marketplace. FanDuel is a member of SBC Leaders, a membership of top tier global operators and operator associations formed with a mission to bring the industry’s best together in order to share ideas, collaborate on major issues, push innovation, and elevate the overall image of our industry through the promotion of its achievements.

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FanDuel CEO Matt King
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